Finnish Gliding Nationals 2010 in Menkijärvi

Club class and Two Seater Class

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    SM2010 EFME 20.6.2010

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    SM2010 EFME 21.6.2010

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    SM2010 EFME 22.6.2010

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    SM2010 EFME 23.6.2010

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    SM2010 EFME 24.6.2010

Purjelennon SM-kilpailut Menkijärvellä 2010

My third gliding competition this summer was in Menkijärvi, which is situated in Southern Ostrobothnia region. This time I wasn't a crew member or working in the organization, I just had fun with the camera and enjoyed myself.

Soon I found out that my friends from Räyskälä hadn't any dinner plans, since the cafe sadly couldn't offer any dinner (made me thank Räyskälä and its facilities again). They (my friends I mean) had eaten sausages in nearby restaurants, which always meant driving more than 40 km.

...and those who know me at all, do understand that I couldn't watch people eating only sausages for the whole week. So I offered my help for Kimmo, Arto, Wille and Ilpo. They accepted my offer gladly. After pilots went flying and I had taken my photos of the day, we went shopping with Arto and we had every evening a nice dinner – eating outside in a nice summer weather. And tried to avoid mosquitoes of course :-)

Flying weather was pretty good during the week, and we got 6 competition days in total. I felt pretty proud of my team, as Wille and Ilpo won the two seater class. My cooking must have helped ;-)