JWGC2015 - 9th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships 2015

Narromine, Australia 1st-12th December

Sunday 15th November

My journey to Australia started! First 9,5 hours flight to Hong Kong, 6 hours stopover there and just over 8 hours to Sydney. Let’s see how I feel after that. Markku said that it will be “total hell”. Positive side is that the first flight will leave late in the evening, so I don’t have to stress about waking up 5 in the morning as usual.

Monday 16th November

After sleeping some few hours during the flight, I walked around Hong Kong airport and felt like a zombie or like I would be drunk, which I wasn’t. Even easiest task felt overwhelming and too difficult to do. I thought that Markku was right, this isn’t going to be easy. After spending few hours at over-priced Lounge, I started feeling better. Hong Kong airport is a big place, my iPhone Health-application had counted over 13 000 steps, that’s quite good for sitting most of the day, isn’t it.

It was a surprise that they do not trust Airport employees at Hong Kong. I bought too expensive bottle of water from a kiosk for my next flight, like I can do in Europe. Won’t work here, they took all bottles away after boarding. Like a bottle of water would kill us.

Tuesday 17th - Wednesday 18th November

Everything went as smooth as you could have hoped for, didn’t feel too tired after the flight. I got a taxi, went to the hotel and after having shower and short rest I felt like going exploring Sydney. Since this is competition blog, I will leave the details out for now. Let’s just say that I walked around Sydney, went to see the Opera house, visited the zoo...and ate alone, which isn’t my favorite thing, I can do that enough at home.

Thursday 19th November

Time to leave Sydney, fly to Dubbo and then have a drive to Narromine. At airport shuttle I met some German guys and we talked about gliding, the hot weather as the day was going to be super-hot, driver got to talk about refugees etc.

When I told to people that I was going to Dubbo, they all we’re “oh, it’s gonna be hot” or “what a girl like you does in a place like that”. I got my chance to tell them about gliding competitions, and giving them lectures that the extreme hot temperature and strong winds aren’t what we are looking for.

Surprise at security check was that unlike in Hong Kong, here nobody couldn’t care less of my 0,5 l water bottle, go figure.

Just after short one hour flight I arrived to Dubbo. You know the feeling when you are travelling and getting out from the plane and facing the local weather which would be totally different than home? Well, when I am travelling from Finland, usually I get to face lot hotter weather. This was exactly that feeling, as the day was really hot, it felt like I would have walked in to sauna. I just had to laugh out loud, since it felt really promising. Remember that it’s November and last walk I had before my flight on Sunday around 17:00 afternoon, it was +5, totally dark and raining a bit. Here I was, just the opposite weather – well I was opposite side of the World as well.

Beryl came to pick me up, we had met at Lezsno JWGC2013 and I was glad that she recognized me. We drove to Narromine, I got to see my hotel room for coming few weeks and then we went to the airfield.

In the evening Beryl and her husband Arnie fixed us dinner, we had chicken skewers and salad. Simon from Danish team had arrived already and his team mates are coming lot later, so he joined us. There wasn’t any reason for me to complain; good food, nice people, outside at really nice temperature. I could get used to this.

I had to walk to the toilet (don’t have private one) at night, I had a quick look of the kitchen we might be using here. One huge cockroach was staring at me between the cereals. It looked at me and waved its tuntosarvia and I stared at it. When I turned my back to find something to catch it with, it saw its opportunity and disappeared.

Friday 20th November

It was a HOT HOT HOT day. Temperature outside was more than 40 C, I decided to stay in all day. This is really boring update, as I didn’t much move from the chair I once sat on, you could have seen me on the same corner of the Narromine club house from morning till the evening.

I set up the Flickr account for the JWGC15, did some YouTube channel settings and went through the team pages list which John (Styles) had sent me. But my problem was that I didn’t know where I can put the list on the competition website. The site has many automated features and I don’t want to mess up with those, so I had to ask some guidance from igc. Let’s see what their answer is.

British team arrived today and I went through some social media/blog ideas with Finnish team in the afternoon. That’s it, very slow day, did quite a lot, especially because I finally got gliding.fi update going on. It still needs a lot of fixing, but I am happy with the result I got.

It is funny, as I know that there are quite many teams already here, but I didn’t see them yesterday or today.

Only few people went flying today. The whole Polish team did more than 500 km task, in poor flying conditions!

Food is always important: we had sausages, bread rolls, pork chops, salad and potatoes for dinner.

Saturday 21st November

I went to veranda to see how the weather was in the morning. Surprise was that I felt like putting long pants on and needed light jacket as well. It was really windy day from the morning until the afternoon.

Briefing was at ten in the auditorium, RASP showed that the flying day will be short. Otherwise my day was similar to yesterday, I updated competition facebook, did some of my own things and sat in the same corner of the room. In the evening Wojtek arrived, as well Charlie and Mike and some other people whose names I don’t remember.

We ate T-bone steaks, feta cheese salad, risotto and there would have been sausages and bread rolls as well, but I was very happy after T-bone steak. Only thing which was missing was garlic butter. We both realized with (Danish) Simon that in our food cultures we have more sauces with food than here.

Sunday 22nd November

We walked with Wojtek to the airfield in the morning. It’s not that long walk, but definitely can be hot even at 9 in the morning. When we arrived, there was table full of food for breakfast, variety was lot better than in many hotels I’ve visited.

Briefing was again short (good!) and Beryl told that the flying weather will last late. During the day tie down area was empty, so I guess quite many was flying. I went to the airfield with Danish guy Simon (AG), as I wanted to see how it was and take some pictures. Unfortunately most of the gliders had launched already, so I got only couple of pictures. Coming weeks at the grid might ask some patience…because of the flies. Australian flies apparently want to go in every hole you have on your head, or those just want to climb up and down your nose and sunglasses and basically everywhere. If flies are exhausted, they will park at your back and travel around for free. Anyway, those flies are worse than Finnish mosquitoes.

Weather really lasted late, around 18:00 there were still many radio announcements of landing gliders. One particular female voice got my attention; I mean I was sitting by the radio but hardly listening to it, but this woman voice with really clear pronunciation caught my attention, and I still wonder who she was. She definitely sounded like professional air traffic controller or something like that.

Yesterday evening I heard a rumor that Makoto – who is visiting Narromine – was going to fly 1000 km task today. I met him at the terrace in the evening and asked about that. He told that actually the plan was 850 km or so, but since he wasn’t flying alone, it took more time. That’s why they flew “only” 650 km with his wife, and because she didn’t fly as fast as he did, they managed to fly much shorter distance. It sounded quite nice when he described how they were flying together, and he was teaching her during the task.

I have been spending these couple of days at the clubhouse, just because there is internet connection. Suddenly I realized someone was walking towards me and looking at me and looking like he would know me. I went through all my databases in my head but couldn’t find a match. He introduced himself as Ulrich Stauss, father of Eric and Jess, whom I’ve met at previous JWGC’s. We actually haven’t met with Ulrich, but have exchanged emails some years ago. Later I met Joanna, Eric’s and Jess’s mother. I must say that both Ulrich’s and Joanna’s words put a big smile on my face. I’ve met many people who have told that they read my stories, but didn’t know that there are people who would call themselves as fans of me :-)

The day went really slowly, I was waiting for my “bosses” to arrive, meaning John (Styles) and the competition director Adam Webb. I just managed to see Adam, as I was ready to leave for dinner with Mike and Charles, but he arrived just before that. We shook hands and then it was time for me to go.

We had dinner at local RSL club, Team France happened to be there as well. After eating nice fillet mignon I felt like I just could fall asleep, and I did.

Monday 23rd November

In the morning I was ready to go to the airfield just around 8 o’clock, but it looked like everybody who are living at the same hotel and have cars had left already. I couldn’t do anything else but pack my computer and things in bags and start walking towards the airfield. The timing was just perfect, after walking some 5-10 minutes, I passed the gas station and saw Jakub (Pulawski) fueling his car. I got a lift from them! I am waiting to see that “group selfie” they took of us in the full car. Thanks team Poland, it was a big help!

I got the competition website under my control today. It hasn’t been before. I mean I’ve helped little with the content, but there’s been very few things what I’ve done with it. We decided with Adam that it’s best if I will take care of it. The system is quite “ready thought”, I mean there aren’t many possibilities to do with it. I sent messages to sgp.aero guys and because of the time difference I have to wait until tomorrow to get their answers. I don’t have internet connection at the accommodation so I can’t take care of any of these things after I’ve left the airfield.

In the afternoon I visited the launch point, we went there with Ailsa. I would have had the opportunity to drive her car back, but I thought this isn’t the time to start driving the car with steering wheel on the right side of the car, which is the wrong side to me. Besides, driving from the launch point back to the apron is quite a long trip and I am not sure would I have found the correct way back.

During the day I did some camera adjustments, since I took the camera to maintenance before this trip and they’ve reset all my settings.

In the evening it was time to eat again, we had schnitzels with mushroom sauce, penne carbonara, bean salad, mixed salad and bread rolls. It was great meal, and ensured that I would fall asleep soon again.

It turned out that there was supposed to be 10ish organization workers at this same hotel, but most of them have escaped to other places. Don’t blame them, but try to keep calm and think that things don’t necessarily improve after changing, but things could get worse instead. Or that I keep telling myself. At least I have hot water coming from the tap, not all of the rooms have that. In the evening Wojtek asked from the hotel owners for ladders and changed some of the smoke detector batteries as those we’re beeping once in a minute.

Tuesday 24th November

My day started with buying orange juice from the local supermarket Coles. Shops are open already after 7 in the morning and the supermarket is open until very late (10ish or so). I knew that alcohol is sold in separate shops in Australia, but I thought it would be like in Finland: meaning that beer is available at supermarkets, but other alcoholic drinks at separate shops. Here all alcoholic drinks are sold in separate shops. This story doesn’t matter anything, I am just saying. I was just after some orange juice, honestly :-)

We arrived to the airfield with the contest director Adam about 8 o’clock. Early time is ok, since the sun wakes me up and that’s why it’s difficult to sleep longer than 7 in the morning. In Finland I would sleep much longer during summer, even the sun rises there earlier. Quite many of European people have told me that they haven’t been able to sleep longer than 6 o’clock here, which is exactly what happened to me on my first days of this trip. Also that’s exactly what those German guys said who shared the Airport Shuttle from Sydney to the airport. So waking up (too) early sounds quite common.

The briefing was for the first time in the hangar today, and I think it worked pretty ok even it was the first time. There aren’t fancy decorations or curtains on the wall, but Adam told that we will have a stage there. Surprisingly the temperature wasn’t too bad. Best part of the briefing was Terry demonstrating what kind of signals you should do for the tow plane if you are running the wing tip. He had really great moves :-D Too bad that I wasn’t fast enough to catch it on video.

We laughed yesterday with Wojtek when he was folding A4 papers… let me tell a little bit of background: each team has their own pigeon hole for tasks, weather sheets etc. in the hangar. The pigeon hole is marked with this folded A4, which has the name of the country on it. Wojtek’s clever folding system is meant to lift up the documents on top of it, so the documents are easy to pick up. And why we laughed? Because this paper folding is very good example of what kind of skills are required for arranging competitions, nothing too overwhelming, just normal office skills. Jess added that you need to also know how to get the copy machine working. Yep, you need to know copy machine’s soft spot and kick that with right angle.

The day was filled with planning coming days and the routines on facebook, Flickr and how I will use the website during the event. Fortunately I found a possibility to code a little bit of my own things, so I found a way to make the site meet our requirements better. In the evening I waited again for the Europe to wake up, but I have to wait until the morning what decision/ideas the sgp.aero-guys will have.

Dinner was chicken skewers, potato and bacon salad, feta salad and bread. I left with a full stomach.

Wednesday 25th November

Weather is becoming hotter and windy. I watched the news this morning and saw the weather forecast with fire warnings. In Finland we either have fire warnings or not, there’s nothing in between. Here the scale is something like “low-moderat”, “high” etc. until it goes to “extreme” and “catastrophic”. Well, who haven’t seen the news of bush fires in Australia or California for example.

Pilots got optional tasks in the briefing, meaning it wasn’t mandatory flying. Some of teams are still going through technical inspection and one team arrived just today, also part of British team was collecting their gliders from the quarantine at Sydney.

I spent some time at the launch point, the hot weather wasn’t at all that exhausting as it was in Ocseny, Hungary last summer. It’s because humidity is much lower here. I had forgotten my camera‘s power on last night, and the battery was dead at that time when I was supposed to go to the launch point. I decided to go there anyway and take pictures with my iPhone instead. I ended up taking one 2 minute video, just walking through the grid. I passed the British team, and Matt was standing there without a shirt, when I had just passed them, I heard someone (Coxy?) saying with “posh” British accent “Hi, my name is Matt, would you like to see my chest”, then I turned back and…well if you see the video, you know what happened. I got back from the airfield with USA team crew member Tony, who is from Wichita, Kansas. It’s a famous city, as I know quite many people who have flown their simulator training there.

The day was very successful with the website, I got more privileges on the publishing system and now we just need to decide what we want to publish under Galleries and should the name Galleries be changed.

Flying weather was simple: just blue thermals. Those people, who I saw after their flights, looked mostly exhausted and Hungarian pilot (Tamás) had quite a red face, which we would call as “panda tan” but you might now it with term “ski tan”. But hey, today’s red is tomorrow’s brown, right?

The wind got really strong at one point in the afternoon and some of the parasols at the club house terrace fell down because of the strong wind. Or perhaps it was just a thermal starting from the apron.

In the evening we had T-Bone steaks, green salad, warm potato salad, tomato with fetta (Europeans notice, not feta, but the package says fetta), penne pasta with tomato sauce, with soft and luscious bread rolls. I fixed some garlic butter for myself, which I love with my steaks.

One problem there is still to be fixed, and that’s my phone issue. I brought an htc phone with me, and it has a Telstra card in it, but it won’t use 3G and if I try to use facebook or Pages manager with it, it will freeze, which isn’t good news for my job here. Adam’s girlfriend was so kind and she posted Adam’s spare phone here so I keep my fingers crossed that the problem will be sorted out soon. If not, that only means that I am not able to post anything in real time from the airfield or do anything from the accommodation.

Thursday 26th November 

The day was very windy from the beginning, or from the night actually. I was awake at night between 3 and 5 (yep, didn’t sleep that well) and the noises coming from outside sounded like it would be raining. It was only windy, nothing else.

We saw Jenny’s (our meteorologist) weather forecast and maps at the briefing. There was a large high cloud area south from us. Hmm…perhaps the “Gods of Weather” had finally heard that there is a gliding competition about to start at Narromine and they had to send some bad weather over us.

Anyway the weather during the day was quite peculiar, temperature wasn’t that hot or cold, but wind was getting stronger and stronger. Because of the sunshine and the temperature, it didn’t feel like a storm, but it would have felt like that if it would have been night or raining. 

There were A and B tasks, but eventually day was cancelled. A tasks were normal speed tasks and B tasks AAT tasks which is quite usual in unsure weather conditions.

While I started cleaning the “press room” at briefing hangar, Ailsa and Australian team with French team were preparing for a water slide. What is a water slide? You put a big (plastic) banner on a lawn, put lots of water on it and some Fairy (dish washing liquid), then remove the excess clothes, take a short run and slide over the wet and slippery banner. This works best in temperatures were your clothes would dry in 30 seconds or so.

But it looked like the banner should have been much longer, as the French team made pretty fast slides which would have lasted longer. There was a tree at the end of the slide, so if you would be sliding in pairs, other one would hit the tree if the speed was too fast. It looked like fun anyway, but I think I would have hurt myself if I would have done those acrobatic moves what the Frenchies did.

I assumed nobody went to fly, the tie down area looked like all planes were securely tied down to the Earth. That was good because of the wind. But I saw one glider in an aerotow, but never heard who it was.

I left the airfield around 17.00, and tried to ask what teams are doing tonight. Adam had told me that USA was having Thanks Giving dinner, Australians had their team BBQ, but others disappeared before I could ask anything. I had a shower and rested for a while.

The plan was to have some Chinese at Narromine, which we did with Wojtek and Pete “the Pirate”, I mean the tug pilot. Finally I got food with chili on it :-)

Ahh, I almost forgot: the “Finnish team” is now complete. Here is the flying team: Petri is the pilot and his father Martti or “Masa” is the Team Captain and Petri’s mum Liisa is the crew :-) Then there is Wille and Wellu, who are volunteers at the organization. Or Wellu and Wille, as Wellu is the big brother. They are identical twins from Räyskälä.  Wille was working at the WGC2014 in Räyskälä, they both have lots of experience from competitions held in Räyskälä.

So if you are here and feel like seeing people in double, it doesn’t mean that you’ve drank too much, it means that you’ve met our twins, which we all call as “WilleWellu”. Wille is the one with beard and Wellu without, unless they decide to change it, then you might be in trouble.

Friday 27th November

Today I started writing this “blog” on competition website www.jwgc2015.com. I try to keep this site updated as well. I can’t write so much personal stuff (what I ate etc.) on competition site, but I think I will keep those here.

It’s first official practice day and time to do last tests and then get things going!

I’ve been here for a week now, and the area around the clubhouse and hangars is going through many changes. There’s new lights coming up, new internet connections are built, furniture is brought in, there’s already few food vans, also www.jwgc2015.com website is getting new features. I haven’t done most of those, since the site is handled mostly by Paul Crabb & co. from home...well, not home, but not from here I mean.

I heard today that the grid will always open after the briefing, not earlier. We use a “row grid” here, pilots are placed in rows, and the number of the row will be the same throughout the competition. Place of the row will change, so the same pilots are not starting always first or last.

There was a man putting lights up on light poles and he was using a personnel scissor lift, I got up with it so I could take some photos from high angle. It was bit scary up there, as the lift was shaking a bit when we moved from one corner to other.

The official part of the morning started 9:30 with mandatory Safety briefing, followed by the normal briefing. Today is our safety officer Lisa’s birthday, so we sang to her and she got a small birthday cake.

Towings started as planned 12:30 and were done just in about an hour. Tasks were traditional speed tasks, about 300 km.

As you might have noticed, the website has now “Stories” block, outlandings list, and links to tracking which have been there couple of days already. SGP guys suggested that we would hide the tracking links when tracking isn’t active, I am still thinking what the best procedures are for us, since if I know myself at all, I will either forget to switch it on…or off, or don’t have time to do that when it should be done. There is still outlandings map, webcams, scoring, and live scoring yet to come.

Swiss team and Canadian team didn’t fly today, they we’re having a rest day instead. Besides, the weather didn’t look that appealing since It was “blue thermals”-day. Of course there was a gaggle above the airfield before the start lines were opened, that usually happens when it’s blue thermal-day.

I met the Media team boss John Styles today as he arrived today, also it started suddenly feel like “good old days” as first I saw Andrew Maddocks and Tracy Scutter, and just shortly after them Tim Kuijpers from Netherlands arrived, he told me that he will be here coaching the Netherlands team.

In the evening we had pork cutlets, salad and potatoes. There will be barbeque every evening at the Clubhouse during the competition, the meal will cost 15$. I can assure you, you won’t leave with empty stomach.

Saturday 28th November

Almost all Australians keep asking “is the weather hot enough for you”. I have to say, that until so far it hasn’t been that bad, since the humidity is quite low. If humidity would be higher, it would be torture like at Europeans in Őcsény (HUN) last July.

But I must say that I was surprised that yesterday morning temperature was very low. In our hotel the balcony doors are always open, so it was pretty chilly at the corridor yesterday and this morning. Actually, I didn’t mind at all since that also meant that the air conditioning could be switched off. I am glad that I have warm clothes with me, so going out wasn’t a problem. Well, I didn’t need my mittens or woolen socks – yep, I have those with me - but jeans were needed definitely. Adam said yesterday that he was really surprised when he had to put a jumper on, in Narromine!

I have been taught that if the night is cold and next day is warm, thermals will be good, in a theory of course. While I was writing the beginning of this “blog” and editing photos from launches, the sky was blue above the airfield. But that wasn’t the situation on the task. Jakub (POL) came to the clubhouse after his flight to upload his file to scoring, and someone asked him how the flying day had been. I wasn’t quite sure if I heard right, but it sounded like he said that the task was really nice because there were cumulus until it turned blue. Jakub also said that his average speed had been 114 km/h or so.

I sat at the Clubhouse terrace with Finnish team for a while, in the evening, and asked Petri how the flight went. He told that the day had been was really nice, he said “fun” actually. That’s good news.

In the evening we decided with Wojtek and Tim (Bates) to go to the town for dinner and I had a walk before that. I saw the Czech team outside of the Coles, they had lots of shopping bags with them and they were waiting for their driver to arrive. Of course I asked them how the day went, and they said the same thing: beginning of the task was great, lifts were 4,5 m/s and flying under cumulus was great, after those blue days we’ve had. That was around the “mountains”, but after that the weather changed back to what we’ve had and that’s quite weak thermals and blue sky. I don’t know what a weak thermal is for Aussies, since these comments were coming from Europeans.

We tried the Imperial Beer garden and had pizza there, Pete (the towpilot) got colorful report how everything went. But we forgot to tell him that the Danish team was there with us until they had finished their meals. The restaurant was quite cozy actually, I mean I don’t mind having dinner outside when it’s as warm as here.

After dinner I watched Sound of Music from TV and tried to write my blog, but I fell asleep. Day was anyway very successful, since Adam’s old phone finally arrived by mail and I was able to update our social media from the grid. 

Sunday 29th November

Hmm…it wasn’t easy night for me. Got up at 3 o’clock because of some minor stomach problems. I know exactly why that happened - no, it wasn’t yesterday’s pizza. It’s always the same when I am travelling in hot conditions. I keep testing how much water I have to drink, and usually I test it by not drinking enough, of course problems will occur from that. My mother wouldn’t like these news, since she reminded me that I should remember to drink even I wasn’t thirsty. Usually she tells me to wear woolen socks, but not this time :-)

Fortunately my problems were easy to fix, and that was drinking water. I talked with Lisa (safety officer) about Hydralyte. I realized that we drank that at Uvalde as well, that was year 2012. We recommended to our field runners/marshalls Wille and Wellu to drink that or something similar, since they are running a lot, so water isn’t usually enough to replace all the salts which you lose when you are sweating. Same thing goes for every one of you here.

Safety committee was announced today, that means that one pilot is chosen from each class, usually steward belongs to the committee as well. Pilots are: Boyd (USA) from Club class and Martin (CZE) from Standard class.

While I was editing and publishing my stories and wondering about the secrets of our competition website, Benjamin (FRA team captain) came to sit with me and it sounded like he was swearing, but as it was French it didn’t sound that bad, it was more like “tobedomedoomeedooo”. I asked him what was wrong, he told me that he was swearing because he would like to go far away (in the forest) and yell. I tried to teach him some strong Finnish swear words so he could relieve his agony on strong RRR’s and PPPRRRSSS’, but he was more concentrated on the documents. I’m not sure if it’s ok to tell why he was filling out the forms, but if he tells me that it’s ok, I will write it here.

Towings started at 12:30 from RWY 22, sky was blue with some high cloud. Temperature was +24 C already in the morning, it felt like it would be a hot day. It was a warm day in the end, temperature was more than 30 degrees, but like I said before, it doesn’t feel that bad at all.

In the afternoon I went catch some photos of the landings. On my way there I saw that one of the German team glider was towed by a car but they had stopped. I didn’t actually notice the reason until I came back, at that point the glider was still at the same place but there was a trailor in front of it. I tried to look for the damages, it wasn’t that easy to spot: they had a flat tire.

The menu at the airfield was tonight “Tasmanian salmon” but as I felt like walking or being a little bit active before the dinner, I managed to hook up with the Swiss team and got a ride from them to the hotel. My original plan was to take my things to the hotel, then walk back to the airfield and have dinner there, since walking to the town from the airfield with my full back bag, camera, computer didn’t sound like a great idea.

Swiss team is always very helpful, and they are easy to approach as well. I don’t mean that other teams wouldn’t be like that. It just somehow happens that we are at the same place at the same time with them, nothing else. Did you know that Roger’s (Frei) brother Reto came to Helsinki because of his work and we had dinner with him. It was great! I’ve only seen on facebook “JWGC people” meeting each other around the world, but that doesn’t usually happen to me.

Swiss team told that they were supposed to have dinner with their ambassador. They were supposed to meet at the local RSL club. It sounded great, unfortunately I forgot to ask why they would meet him, I mean was the meeting just because of the Swiss team is here or something else. I don’t think that the Finnish ambassador would do that - or should we tell them that we’re here. Finnish Independence day is 6th December, perhaps there would be a party? Hmm, I assume we have to make the party happen ourselves instead.

Mario (SUI) told that they flew the B task today, which was the same as Club class A task –hopefully I got this right. He told me almost the same thing as our Finnish team: they didn’t go to the second turn point because there was middle cloud, and they didn’t want to get in trouble.

I had dinner at Imperial with Pete, I was already walking to the airfield, but I got bitten by “lazy bug” on my way and called Pete what he was going to do. He said he was having dinner at the Imperial Beer garden, obviously he was brave enough to try the place after our colorful report. I had Caesar salad with chicken and it was great, fresh and tasty. You should go there. We sat on one of those high tables with Pete and on the background was the longest table of the restaurant. First on that table was sitting the Danish team again. And while they we’re eating, I followed the German team going here and there and how they we’re doing laundry. Or it looked like the laundry had left to their female crew member, whose name I would write here, but I don’t know it, sorry. When Danish team left, German team conquered the table.

Monday isn’t flying day, there won’t be briefing either, so this blog will be pretty quiet before tomorrow. Opening ceremony will take place at the parks in Narromine, we are supposed to be there at 18.00. There will be some snacks, band, dj’s, VIP’s etc. Official program will last about an hour or so, if I understood it right. I will be there posting things to facebook, Sean (Young) will take the official photos. I might take my camera anyway there.

But before that, I am looking forward for tomorrow morning, I hope I am able to sleep later than six in the morning. I’ve always woke up at that time because sun is shining on my face. I have curtains, but those are quite thin. I have three beds, one double bed and one normal bed. I took one sheet from the normal bed, since I am not using that. I hung that on the curtain pole, let’s see does that help.

There is extra sheet in the bed, because here they have a sheet covering the mattress, other sheet under the duvet and duvet with normal duvet cover. So there’s extra sheet in the bed, that’s handy if weather is too hot to sleep under duvet.

For the Finnish readers, polo shirt is the same which our Gliding team uses nowadays (= pikeepaita).